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Your secret weapon when it comes to dominating your point spread picks.

Welcome to the smart gamble podcast! We are a team of experienced point spread pickers that love the game of football. We share our passion of the game with you every week. Whether it is preseason, regular season, playoffs or the Super Bowl, we will be bringing you what you need to know. Our team does the hard work for you. Our research and analysis of current standings help us make educated choices on the best picks week to week. Through our personal success in our own teams along with the success we have brought to other fantasy fans, we know our strategies work! Let us help you. Its 4th and 10.. with 4 seconds on the clock.. choose the right play and let our picks help you win the game.
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Norm is the man to keep us on track! Our lead producer of all our podcasts, he is the one to keep the information flowing to our subscribers.

Our MVPs
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Professional Point spread picker


Hello, all! It’s Lily! Well, where do I begin? I grew up watching NFL
football and the Jets with my dad. He had season tickets to the Jets and
would take me, my twin sister, and my brother to the games until he
felt that the fans were acting dangerously. Because of this, we resorted
back to watching the games at home. I was asked to enter a pool with
my Aunt Geraldine (hope she’s resting in peace), as my team member
against the guys—my dad, my brother, and my husband at the time.
The guys made me take a quiz before they would allow me to enter the
pool. I answered every question correctly. I guess that was the first sign
that I’d do well with picking. Then a few years later, my dad entered a
pool through work and eventually invited me to participate. I placed 5 th
in my first year. CJ was the person running the pool and still is. He and I
became very close over the years. I’ve been a participant in his pool for
over 15 years. My name in the pool is Crazy in the Poconos--very fitting
and created by my mom, Phyllis. Thanks, Mom! This 2021-2022 year, I
placed 2 nd in the pool of almost 200 participants and I even beat out all
the so-called experts who pick against the point spread. I’m guessing
that you are figuring that I’m the expert now. It doesn’t hurt to be a
twin (Hi, Laurie!). We have that extreme intuition that helps follow my
gut and win big games! I am very grateful to have Norm as our
producer and to experience this podcast with my very close friend, CJ.
Thank you to both of you(Norm and CJ) and for all of you watching! I
appreciate you tuning in! Good luck to all of you!


Professional Point spread picker


My name is CJ Jones and I’m loving being a part of the Smart Gamble. So who the heck am I?? Well, I’m an east coast guy – born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I now live in Las Vegas – the land of sports gambling. I’ve been running sports pools (pro and college football, college hoops, and hockey) for over 20 years. I love the numbers, baby – point spreads, Over / Unders, and all the props you can think of! I bring analysis and entertaining takes on sporting events, players / coaches, etc. My one job on this podcast is to make you money…and hopefully I’ll make you laugh as well!  

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Cheers! 

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